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Reinsurance Software Solutions

Reinsurance Software

COREFIN Insurance & Broker Solution

Reinsurance Software Solutions

your Reinsurance Software Solution for Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers
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Reinsurance Software

Reinsurance Software

Reinsurance Software

  • End-to-end management of reinsurance processes with built-in automations and processes for premium and claims allocation and calculation

  • Definition and management of various reinsurance contracts and terms and conditions: treaty and facultative

  • Proportional and non-proportional: Quota – share, Excess of loss, Surplus

  • Record easily and centrally all related information: dates, policy holder/version, policy covers, amendments, renewals, cancellation etc.

  • Track all claim-related information and associated transactions: bordereaux for premiums, claims, commissions etc.

  • Automated generation of various accounting and bordereaux documents and reports

  • Reinsurance payments and collections management

  • Track and audit all the status changes and the reinsurance life cycle

  • Modular Based: Scale the platform according to your business needs!

  • Business constraints, alerts and notification

  • Extremely useful for multi-company organizations (support for multi reinsurance programs, currencies, languages etc.)

  • Excellent built-in performance charts and dashboards

  • Improve significantly your reinsurance management with CoreFin Reinsurance Software, among the top-quality Reinsurance Software Solutions

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