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COREFIN Payments Management

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COREFIN Payment & Collections Management

Payment & Collections Management

COREFIN 's Payment and Collections Management module is an added functionality we have developed on top of standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It helps companies automate and streamline processes related to receiving payments and transactional relations with customers


COREFIN Payment management

Payment management

A highly secure, flexible solution helping you expand the payment choices you offer to your customers

COREFIN Collections


Y our due and outstanding receivables are easy to track, review and chase automatically

COREFIN Payments Management

  • Manage variety of payment plans ( One off transactions, Installments, Deposits and more)

  • Seamless integration with online payment providers

  • Support all types of payment – cards, cash, cheque or vouchers

  • Loyalty programmes ( Loyalty points redemption and cards)

COREFIN Payments Management

  • Automatic screening and reports on non received payments

  • Email (or other) reminders to customers that payment is pending

  • Management of additional charges on delayed payments

  • Analysis of risk customers that repeatedly delay payments