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Insurance Policy Management Software

your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers
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Full Policy Life Cycle Management

Full Policy Life Cycle Management

  • Out-of-the box application that suits the clients requirements

  • Issue an insurance quote or policy in real time with just a few clicks with our Insurance Policy Software

  • Save and finish later your policy registration

  • Upload required documents at a later stage, without having to start the process from the beginning

  • Easy Quote to Policy Conversion

  • Automated Policy Documents Generation

  • Track the status of your policies in your personal User account

  • Policy Discounts Management (multi item discount; annual payment discount etc.)

  • End-to-end policy management solution for various business lines and regions

  • Offer specific insurance business lines for different regions with different approach for higher customer satisfaction

  • Remain compliant with each local country’s regulations

  • Track your performance, premium spent and exposure

Full Policy Life Cycle Management
Amendments Management

Amendments Management

Amendments Management

  • Easy and intuitive policy amendments management with COREFIN Insurance Policy Management Software

  • Amend your policy easy, anytime, anywhere

  • Change the policy holder name or details

  • Extend your insurance to more people, e.g. your family members

  • Extend, renew or cancel a policy

  • Add a new insurance object, cover or risk

  • Keep track of all your policy versions

  • Quick access to all the related policy documentation

  • Request assistance or report a problem with a few clicks

  • Communicate with an insurance agent online or over the phone

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