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COREFIN Transport & Logistics

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COREFIN Transport & Logistics

COREFIN Transport & Logistics

COREFIN Transport & Logistics is entirely based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and offers an end-to-end solution for your business with fully automated workflows and all processes managed and tracked in a single business cloud solution. With the help of our solution and team expertise, you can scale your business, increase efficiency, expand with ease and reach out to clients around the world

Fully Integrated Solution

Our enterprise-wide software solution for Transport and Logistics based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE offers off-the-shelf add-ons for core processes automation, highly customized self-service portals and out-of-the-box CRM functionality.

Easy to Manage

Developed in a way so you can take maximum control of setting up new services, close sales deals, collaborate with sub-contractors, track billing and pricing and take full control over your business - all in real-time!

All in one place

All processes are streamlined with automated workflows ensuring staff follows business procedures strictly. All data and activities are tracked, accessible in a single source and easy to analyze within CoreFin application.

Benefits & Features

Product and Service Management, Marketing, Service care,Integration

COREFIN Transport & Logistics Sales

Sales Automation
  • Review each new prospect request with ease

  • Quick quoting engine based on predefined rules, routes and tariffs

  • Quick client profiling, credit check and discount management control

  • Auto notification for prospects on the status of their request

  • All transport types covered: Ground, air, sea, river, train, combined

  • Collaboration management with subcontractors: availability of fleet, costs, time frames

  • Contract Fulfillment: track performance and contract terms

  • Reclamations and discounts management

  • Improved sales team collaboration and response time

  • Full history on vehicle, drivers, route details, documentation and costs

  • Client management: web portal to manage contracts, documents and cargo status

Fleet & Cargo

Fleet & Cargo
  • Manage fleet – both owned or hired; vehicle types, capacity, specifics and cost

  • Subcontractor management

  • Direct and indirect cost allocation

  • Management of servicing activities, insurance or leasing schemes

  • Fleet amortization management

  • Route planning: scheduling and delivery timeline

  • Cargo information tracking: cargo size, fragility, temperature requirements, packaging details, customs details and many more

Freight Forward

Freight Forward
  • Warehouse and terminal managemen

  • Ability to define services and costs by terminal and sub-contractor

  • Tariffs and pricing details

  • Activities tracking, loading, packaging and re-packaging

  • Management of related documentation, tolls and taxes

  • Management of relationship with vendors and subcontractors

  • Increased efficiency

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting
  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Cost allocation by contract, departments and/or employee.

  • Automated billing and invoice management

  • Payments management and collection

  • Asset amortization

  • Payment allocations to instalments and bank reconciliation

  • Integration with direct debit and online payments providers

BI & Analytics

BI & Analytics
  • Dashboards & reports

  • Manage Big Data with Power BI: the leader among the analytical platforms

  • Cash flow management and forecasting

  • Cost tracking and cost centers

  • Performance management

  • Flexible ad hoc reporting


  • Out of the box AI and ML modules on cloud platform – Microsoft Azure Learning

  • Wide AI/ML application: product and services preferences and recommenders, fraud detection, cross- and up-sale strategies, credit scoring, chat bots

  • Increased Productivity with data driven decisions: AI can fully transform the problem-solving and decision-making processes

  • Integrated Accounts

  • Streamlining Business Processes

  • Wide Range of Features & Functions

  • Increased ROI & efficiency

  • Improved customer satisfaction & retention