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COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management

COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management

COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management

COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management

COREFIN Telecom and Data Center Management solution is an integrated core solution developed within Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM that manages all the processes from the initial interaction with prospects to post sale services and cross-sales strategy execution. With the help of our solution and team expertise, you can scale your business, increase efficiency, expand with ease and reach out to clients around the world.

One Integrated Solution

Connect sales, marketing and customer service activities across your business. Manage relationships with partners, distributors, retailers, service providers, as well as direct and indirect sales channels.

Customized Business Processes

Our solution offers the flexibility and scalability to adopt all business specific processes by offering off-the-shelf customizations and add-ons. All processes are streamlined with automated workflows to ensure consistency and completeness of information.

360° View of the Customer

We provide you with holistic 360° view of the customer, together with a set of tools for marketing management, sales productivity and after-sales services. Powerful notification engine to ensure timely intervention ad performance management.

Benefits & Features

COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management Sales, Product and Service Management, Marketing, Service care, ePortal, Integration

COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management Sales

  • Track the whole sales process from initial request to order fulfilment and invoicing

  • Automated workflows for each stage of the sales process for better overview

  • Offering Management: sales reps can see standard products & services, have the ability to combine them in bundle offers, manage discounts and promotions

  • Automated sales workflows for standard products and services as well as automates sales activities around a non-standard product/services offers, where additional research is required

  • Management and collaboration of provisioning related activities

  • Multi-channel relationship management including suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders

  • Various capabilities around contract amendments (add/remove services, change contract terms) and renewal/cancelation process

  • Order Fulfillment: link the configured product with physical devices and APIs

  • Invoice generation, payment & collection management, document generation and integration with online payment providers

  • Fully automated notification engine

  • Keep track of all communication channels with clients

  • Fraud Protection and Risk Management tools

  • Role based dashboards to manage key performance indicators

  • Loyalty Program Management: award loyal clients, decrease churn ratios

Products & Services Management

Products & Services Management
  • Flexible Product Catalogue with Bundling: define products, services, product bundles and relationships

  • Set up multi-component products (e.g. dedicated servers) and offer upgrade opportunities

  • Identify additional products to sell along with the selected one (cross-selling)

  • Define payment terms and models, discounts for longer commitment (uplift models)

  • Build your own order with CoreFin Device Configurator

  • Identify, locate and manage all physical assets

  • Resources inventory management & fault replacement management

  • VoIP and consumption based services: integration with external devices to feed the consumption data for billing


  • Execution of marketing campaigns across multiple channels and built-in effectiveness measurement tools by channel

  • Instantly segment prospects and customers into highly targeted marketing lists

  • Ability to execute marketing campaigns in a few minutes

  • Choose from complex multi-channel campaigns or a few-clicks Quick campaigns wizard

  • Assignment of campaign activities to related employees/teams

  • Track who has opened your mails and what links were clicked all within COREFIN Mail Tracking Module

  • Automated Email campaigns for contract renewals, client birthdays and other events

  • Coordinate Marketing & Sales activities

  • Manage interception between Sales & Marketing activities and the impact of marketing activities on sales

  • Take informed decisions with ease

COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management Service Care

Service Care
  • Register a case over the phone, by email or from a client web interface

  • Ticketing System

  • Automated notifications on case status changes

  • Manage client support entitlement

  • Track enhanced SLA Details (1st Response time, resolution time)/ Service Care processes with automated case routing and KPI monitoring

  • Service-related KPIs Management

  • Predefined case resolution steps and procedures, Knowledge Base library

  • Identify problematic areas within Customer Service Department and take timely actions

  • Run monthly reports on support usage

  • Improve customer agility and increase satisfaction online and in-store with processes specifically adapted for the telecom/data center industry

COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management ePortal

  • Integrated role-based web Self-Service Portals for customers, employees and stakeholders

  • Profile-based, mobile friendly and personalized web interface

  • Secure, powerful and scalable

  • Online configuration tool

  • Quote and Order processing

  • Payment history management, info accessible 24/7

  • Ability to add/remove services, amend and renew contracts

  • Online payment processing

  • Access to documents & reports

  • Online ticketing and notification engines

COREFIN Telecom & Data Center Management Integration with external systems

Integration with external systems
  • Easy integration with external ERP systems, industry-specific hardware and other systems to enjoy the benefits of an integrated platform

  • Traffic and consumption measuring hardware

  • Self-service retail kiosk terminals

  • Online and Direct Debit payment providers