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COREFIN Property Management

Fully Integrated. Super User-Friendly. Extremely Powerful. Simply Microsoft.

COREFIN Property Management

COREFIN Property Management

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to serve the needs of property management companies

All in one

Enterprise-wide management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. COREFIN offers exceptional CRM plus off-the-shelf customisations and add-ons for property management

All yours

Developed in a way so you can take maximum ownership of registering new properties, managing agreements and related service work all in real-time and ready to sell

All tracked

All processes are streamlined with automated workflows ensuring staff follows procedures strictly. All data and activity is tracked and easy to analyse in real-time

Benefits & Features

COREFIN Property Management Sales, Marketing, Service, Core Processes, Reporting

Integrated solution covering all the business processes, related to various types of real estate assets (residential properties, commercial buildings, buildings in progress and more)

COREFIN Property Management Sales

  • Contractual agreements with suppliers, sub-contractors, tenants, leaseholders with all terms, conditions and subsequent amendments

  • Reminding letters and invoices are automatically generated

  • Tracking communication history with agents, buyers, renters and investors

COREFIN Property Management Marketing

  • Create and track highly personalised marketing campaigns

  • Execution of campaigns across multiple channels

  • Segmentation and targeting marketing lists

  • Integration with web-portal, where customers can make inquires, search for properties, view contracts and more

COREFIN Property Management Service

  • Expenses and hours worked are entered for each property

  • Service Scheduling automatically considers the expertise and availability of employees, subcontractors, machines, vehicles, facilities, and equipment and group these into teams ready to resolve cases

  • Service Calendar helps users visualise the organisation's scheduling commitments and activities. Service activities are automatically tracked and assigned to appropriate users through staged workflows

  • All the activities, related to cases (for instance, repairs needed or water leaks) are recorded in the system.

COREFIN Property Management Core Back Office Processes

  • Categorisation, profiling and complete history of the activities related to each property

  • Receivables and payables, related to each property, matched with the actual cash inflows and outflows

  • Resources can be scheduled, after the system takes into account their expertise and availability

  • HR – Manage recruitment and administration for permanent or contracted employees.

COREFIN Property Management Reporting

  • Built-in reports –late payments, unoccupied premises, common types of service activities, etc.

  • Ad hoc reports