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COREFIN Loan Management

COREFIN Loan Management allows you to manage with ease all the complexities during the life cycle of a loan.

Our Loan solution makes it possible to automate and manage all the tasks from loan creation to loan execution and to analyze performance in order to increase ROI and minimize risk.

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COREFIN Loan Management

Fully Integrated Solution

Our enterprise-wide management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers highly customized CRM functionality plus off-the-shelf add-ons for Loan Management.

COREFIN Loan Management

Automated Workflows

Take maximum time to interact and engage with your clients by minimizing manual tasks and improve day-to-day operations and efficiency!

COREFIN Loan Management

Analyze Performance

Integrated data gives you a clear picture of where your business is and towards where it is heading. Speed up decision making while taking informed decisions at the same time.

COREFIN Loan Management Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

  • Apply for a Loan online or offline: easy, quickly, even from your mobile device

  • Internal or external credit check: we can integrate our solution with an external credit check provider or integrate your own credit check methodology

  • Required Documents Gathering tools

  • Powerful notification engine: both for your clients, brokers and employees

  • Auto document generation: quotes/proposals, versions

Manage all the complexities encountered during the lifecycle of the loan with ease

  • End-to-End loan life cycle management: from loan creation to loan execution and performance analysis

  • Interest rate calculation schemes: simple or compounding at different periods, floating or not, all pro-rated

  • Flexible Repayment schemes: at maturity, periodic repayments or equal periodic tranches

  • Repayments Spreads: apply repayments across principal, interest or fees due

  • Fees Management: various fees definitions and payment types; fees calculation based on percentage schemes etc.

  • Powerful Loan Amendment engine: ability to change interest rate, suspend interest calculations for a period of time, extend loan term, amend loan conditions, negotiate loan amounts etc.

  • Loan Restructuring: provisioning management, loan write-off process definition

  • Loan Refinancing: refinance a single or multiple loans

  • Hedging management of FCY loans and amortization schedule generation in FCY

  • Management of multiple borrower and loan guarantors

  • Internal funds management

  • Loan product configuration: easy & intuitive definition of various loan products & schemes with related terms and condition

  • Automation of the whole process from application to approval/quotation to end-of-loan services (automated notifications and status engine, assignment of tasks etc.)

  • Loan terms management and set up

  • Disbursement Management: ability to define various disbursement schemes from one-time funding, funding in tranches to multiple drawdown and schedules

  • Pre-defined required documents for various stages of your loan and from different parties, depending on their role and loan type definition

  • Full history of each customer, contract , asset, manufacturer and dealer

  • Escrow account management

  • Approval Management on multiple levels

  • Bank Reconciliation and Payment Allocations

  • Payment and Collection Management tool

  • Auto-generation of accounting postings in a format ready to be imported in an accounting financial system

  • Catalogue of collaterals available, along with their characteristics (depreciation schemes etc.)

  • Management of broker network and various commissions schemes

  • Auto generation of amortization reports

  • Option for fees amortization over the period of the loan

  • Real-time analytics for accurate and customized dashboards and reports

  • Dashboard drill down functionality to reveal additional details

  • KPIs definition and tracking

  • IRR calculation

  • Aging analysis and management reports

  • Upcoming and late payments management and powerful notification engine

  • Targets Management

  • Loan Application tools integrated with you website

  • Personalized, role-based and user friendly log-in possibilities for your end clients and other stakeholder

  • Self-service actions: applying for a loan, documents upload, quote generation and download

  • Powerful notification tools

  • Transactions history and reports

  • Payments overview for upcoming, past and late payments

  • Possibility for online payments

  • Integration with direct debit providers

  • Initiate a contact with your broker or account manager over the portal

  • The right tools to maximize financial and operational performance and minimize risk

  • Advanced Customer Management set of tools

  • Increased productivity by minimizing the time to process and manage a loan

  • Streamlining Business Processes

  • Wide Range of Features & Functions

  • Quicker Return on Investment

  • Higher customer satisfaction and client engagement

  • Easily adaptable, flexible and scalable platform to accommodate quickly changing regulation and business processes

  • Management of 3rd parties and investors with ease

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