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your Insurance Software solution for Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers

COREFIN Insurance & Broker is a vertically customized management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which enables insurers and insurance brokers to manage their whole business and gain a 360-degree view of the customer. COREFIN combines the flexibility and the scalability of the platform in a user-friendly and intuitive way to help companies in the insurance sector systemize their business and analyze performance!

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Insurance software

Fully Integrated Solution

Our enterprise-wide insurance software solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers highly customized CRM functionality plus off-the-shelf add-ons for Insurance & Brokerage

Insurance Core System

Easy to Manage

Developed in a way so you can take maximum control of setting up new products & services and manage the system without the need of IT help, define business processes and procedures - all in real-time!

Insurance Core System

All in one place

All processes are streamlined with automated workflows ensuring staff follows business procedures strictly. All data and activities are tracked, accessible in a single source and easy to analyze within CoreFin Insurance Core System

COREFIN Insurance Module built on MS Dynamics 365

Benefits & Features

COREFIN Insurance Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our CoreFin Insurance Software solution offers a number of readily available customizations and management of all front and back office processes for an integrated Insurance Core System

Definition of Insurance Products
  • Easy definition of insurance products, covers, risk factors, tariffs, risks, risk groups and insured amounts

  • Definition of limits of liability, excess per cover, multiple commissions for different product parameters, taxes based on products, location etc.

  • Ability to choose among different premium calculation methods on cover level

  • Mathematical calculations of reserves and insurance premiums based on relevant risk factors (integrated financial calculator)

  • Insurance Policy Life Cycle Management

  • All of the above with No need of IT involvement!

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Agent/Broker Structure and Commissions
  • Definition, calculation and payment of commissions for different periods and schemes

  • Definition of users and teams with specific roles across the network of branches & departments

  • Broker network relationship management and reporting

  • Agreement & Application Management

  • Manage efficiently all insurer-broker relationships with CoreFin Insurance Broker Software

  • More info for Brokers here
Reinsurance Management
  • Definition of reinsurance contracts and terms and conditions

  • Proportional and non-proportional: Quota – share, Excess of loss, Surplus

  • Reinsurance payments and collections

  • Business constraints, alerts and notification

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Payment and Collection Management
  • Payment management – types, due dates, receivables – all within COREFIN Insurance

  • Online Payments integration (Direct Debit, Online etc.)

  • Payment reconciliation and allocation

  • Web services/import of data about payments from related banks

  • Track outstanding payments and manage collection campaigns – reminders, charges and more

  • Management of required forms & documents and re-insurance contracts

  • Activity and task management

  • Seamless tracking of communication between Outlook and COREFIN

Pricelists from Suppliers and other Stakeholders
  • Up-to-date lists of spare parts and services of repair shops (for auto insurance), their costs and comparison between partners

Human Resource
  • Screening, recruitment & employees administration

  • Compensation and reward management

  • Training and learning management

COREFIN Insurance offers off-the-shelf Claims Management software solution with highly customized functionalities

First notice of loss
  • Self-claim registration via a web portal or over the phone

  • Detailed info gathering: loss details, involved parties and properties, injury information, coverage verification, initial liability determination, documents available for upload etc.

Assignment & scheduling
  • Claim activity management, progress tracking and task assignments

  • Claim loss reserve management

  • Assign the right resources to a certain claim based on skills, location and capacity

Investigation & adjustment
  • Detailed item verification process

  • Claim appraisal & assessment; preparation of related reports

  • Integration with 3rd parties for on-site visits and assessment by insurance investigators

  • Notes and attachments for each case

  • Remote access via mobile/smart devises

Settlement & Indemnification
  • Claim payment management & recovery

  • Subrogation

  • Catalogue of assets, spare parts and repair/service shops helps cost the repair work on the spot of damages reported

Reducing claim costs
  • Reduce claim settlement amounts while decreasing time

  • Eliminate claim leakage and minimise attorney involvement

  • Streamline processes with automated workflow

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Sales automation is the right tool in order to win, serve and retain customers with ease

  • Management of territories, teams/brokers, insurance products, discounts and more for cross-sell and up-sell initiatives

  • Integrated financial calculator to define risk-adjusted premium payment plans, commissions, taxes, brokers’ target budgets and many more

Sales Workflow Automation
  • Issuance of an instant quote or аn insurance policy with a few clicks: any time from any mobile devise via a web self-service portal

  • Easy quote to policy conversion

  • Automated workflows with reminders to ensure consistency, timely action and optimal customer engagement

  • Central repository for sales literature and product catalogues

Lead & Opportunity Management
  • Leads monitoring and prospecting: the right insurance software tool for lead generation!

  • Leads tracking by channel to measure marketing efficiency

  • Lead qualification to opportunities, scoring, routing, assignment and conversion

  • Comprehensive risk assessment & underwriting functionality

Account Management
  • Application and contract life cycle management, full history of changes

  • Overview of organizational structures & relationships

  • Monitor actual revenue by creating/tracking orders and invoices

Single data source
  • Access and share information across departments, product lines, channels, intermediaries for policy holders and insured individuals: all in one system!

  • Customer knowledge helps increase retention

  • Understand the reasons for non-renewal and measure the success of renewal strategies

Organise and track marketing activities for higher ROI

Segmentation & Planning
  • Instantly segment prospects and customers into highly targeted marketing lists

  • Data and list management

  • Base planning on historical and current market/data analysis

  • Ability to create planning activities, assign budgets and execute campaigns

Campaign Management
  • Choose from complex multi-channel campaigns or a few-clicks Quick campaigns wizard

  • Automated sending of personalized emails based on templates with mail merge functionality

  • Execution of campaigns across multiple channels (email, sms etc.) and measurement of effectiveness by channel

  • Assignment of campaign activities (phone calls, tasks) to related employees/teams

  • Track who has opened your mails and what links were clicked all within COREFIN Mail Tracking Module

  • Automated Email campaigns for policy renewals, Christmas promotions, Birthdays and other events

Management of Events and Responses
  • Plan, execute and review events

  • Collect and analyze the results of campaigns (by marketing channel)

  • Measure effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns and compare budget to real performance

  • Link event attendances to new opportunities and orders and demonstrate marketing ROI

Loyalty Management and policy holder profiling and household
  • Reward customer loyalty with COREFIN Loyalty Management module

  • Define criteria and profile your contacts base

Internet marketing
  • Possible integration with company website to track email and engine search performance

Quick and effective customer care to increase customer loyalty

Advanced Contact Center
  • Call in the cloud (COREFIN Advanced Contact Center module)

  • Automated incoming call recognition with instant client profile visualization

Accounts Management
  • Intuitive user interface

  • Improved first-call resolution with access to customer histories

  • Churn management

Services & Resources Scheduling
  • Easy, visual scheduling of resources (field personnel, fleet, tools, parts and resources)

  • Centralized view of service workers’ calendars and resources

  • Review response and case resolution time and identify problem areas

Case Management
  • Agent Scripting

  • Easy-to-use case management - case creation, editing, dispatch, tracking and resolution

  • Routing & escalation of cases and activities

Interaction & Knowledge Management
  • Robust email support including auto-response and auto promotion of emails to cases

  • Knowledge base

  • Article authoring, review and publishing

Integrate your COREFIN Insurance CRM solution with an ERP back office system (Dynamics NAV) for an end-to-end Insurance core management system

  • Automated transfer of data between CRM and NAV in a systematic fashion (tax, profit, regulatory class etc.)

  • Tool for Risk & Accounting Management

  • Regulatory Compliance (Solvency II): automation of filling Solvency II templates

  • Perfect for companies operating in more than one country

  • Multi company & consolation of financial data

  • International scope – MS NAV supports multiple languages & currencies

  • Automation for issuing various reports according to predefined rules

  • Management of the cash flow and easy forecasting for future payables/receivables

  • Supervision of all monetary transactions

  • Reserve Management

  • Accounting & Billing Management

  • Simple and intuitive interface

Flexible Business Analytics in real time to track the performance of your insurance company or broker

  • Option to integrate analytics with Power BI for creating and sharing stunning interactive reports in seconds

  • On-demand dashboards and reports with drill-down on agent/broker productivity, new business success, customer loyalty, policy & claim processing and many more

  • Track critical insurance KPIs for real time informed decisions

  • Ability to modify existing dashboards or create new ones: easy with just a few clicks!

  • Ability to export reports and charts in various formats: Excel, PDF, WORD

  • Ability to schedule and send reports automatically to the responsible department/person

  • Ability to define and create regulatory reports and predefined data templates (Solvency II)

  • Reports for paid and expected premiums, unresolved and paid claims

  • History reports and analysis by business lines and segments

  • Define sales/agents targets & budgets, track productivity and analyze trends

  • Ad hoc or customized analysis

  • Easy to use on any smart device

CoreFin Insurance Broker software solution provides the right tool for brokers to manage their business and relationships with insurers

Issue quotes and policies with a few clicks
  • Insurance web-based self service portal to calculate and issue quotes and policies in a few clicks

  • Ability to issue multi-item policies and invoices

  • Integrated and easy to manage financial calculator for multiple premium calculations

  • Easy administration of all the agreements, quotes, policies, cancellations and requests for amendments and renewals

  • Insurance Policy Life Cycle Management

  • List of upcoming payments and their status (paid, unpaid, late payments)

  • Online payments integration: Credit Cards, Direct Debit

  • Automated tool for document generation, invoicing, e-mailing and reminders

  • Ability for automated payments and invoices allocation

  • Payment and Collection Management

  • Accounting & Billing Management

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Manage your relationships with Insurance companies with the right tool
  • Easy importing of product definitions data and related documentation from insurance companies

  • Reporting tool to insurers via a Bordereaux templates

  • Automation of cash flow

  • Flexible reporting tools

Claim Management:
  • Web & Mobile interface for (self) claim registration

  • Detailed info gathering: loss details, involved parties and properties, injury information, coverage verification, initial liability determination, documents available for upload etc.

  • Tracking communication with insurers

  • Out of the box collaboration tools for communicating and informing the end client

  • Payment management and tracking

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