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COREFIN Factoring

Fully Integrated. Super User-Friendly. Extremely Powerful. Simply Microsoft.

COREFIN Factoring

COREFIN Factoring

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to serve the needs of factoring companies

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COREFIN Factoring

All in one

Enterprise-wide management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. COREFIN offers exceptional CRM plus off-the-shelf customisations and add-ons for factoring

COREFIN Factoring

All yours

Developed in a way so you can take maximum ownership of setting up new products, interest rates and strict procedures all in real-time and ready to sell

COREFIN Factoring

All tracked

All processes are streamlined with automated workflows ensuring staff follows procedures strictly. All data and activity is tracked and easy to analyse in real-time

COREFIN Factoring Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

COREFIN Factoring Sales Marketing Service

COREFIN Factoring is an industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The software helps factoring providers research each deal and evaluate information in order to offer conditions to customers with minimum risk. COREFIN is also suited for factoring brokers and manages different types of factoring.

  • Tracking of all the interactions between the seller, the buyer and the factoring provider

  • Recording information regarding credit limits, values of the invoices, insurance premiums, fees and more

  • Creation of highly personalised marketing campaigns

  • Execution of campaigns across multiple channels

  • Segmentation and targeting marketing lists

  • Manage loyalty programmes with COREFIN.

  • Track who has opened your mails and what links were clicked in the email as part of CRM.

  • Collecting and analysing the results of campaigns

  • Case management

  • Tracking of all the consecutive steps during the factoring operation

  • Service Calendar – visualisation of the organisation's scheduling commitments and activities

  • Definition of different types of factoring along with their parameters

  • Management of invoice discounting

  • Definition of users and teams of users with specific roles.

  • Encompassing the entire network of branches and departments

  • Payments and collections management.

  • Reports for overdue invoices, late payments and more

  • Ad hoc reports

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