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Claim Management Software

Claim Management Software

COREFIN Insurance & Broker Solution

Insurance Claims Management Software

your Claim Management Software for Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers
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COREFIN Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Claim Management

COREFIN Insurance offers off-the-shelf Claims Management Software solution with highly customized functionalities

First Notice of Loss
  • Self-claim registration via a web portal or over the phone

  • Detailed info gathering: loss details, involved parties and properties, injury information, coverage verification, initial liability determination, documents available for upload etc.

Assignment & Scheduling
  • Claim activity management, progress tracking and task assignments

  • Claim loss reserve management

  • Assign the right resources to a certain claim based on skills, location and capacity

Investigation & Adjustment
  • Detailed item verification process

  • Claim appraisal & assessment; preparation of related reports

  • Integration with 3rd parties for on-site visits and assessment by insurance investigators

  • Notes and attachments for each case

  • Remote access via mobile/smart devises

Settlement & Indemnification
  • Claim payment management & recovery

  • Subrogation

  • Catalogue of assets, spare parts and repair/service shops helps cost the repair work on the spot of damages reported

Reducing Claim Costs
  • Reduce claim settlement amounts while decreasing time

  • Eliminate claim leakage and minimise attorney involvement

  • Streamline processes with automated workflow

Manage the whole Claim Management Life Cycle within our Insurance Claims Management software solution!
Claim Management

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