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Make your retail channels mobile,
social and on the go

COREFIN Automation Module

COREFIN solution automates all your retail channels so customers can reach you on the go through the web in real-time

COREFIN Automation Module

COREFIN Automation Module


Kiosk & Self service Cash machines

We offer supply and support of kiosks and self-service cash machines. We can integrate these computer terminals with your existing payment systems

As a way or automating retail services, we have synchronized COREFIN with various types of machines, enabling customers to perform transactions that normally would require a bank teller

image In order to automate and enhance customer servicing COREFIN can easily be integrated with online payment systems, as well as other retail terminals. Online transactions are constantly increasing and can be tracked within the system in realtime. Thus they are also simultaneously accounted to your business performance

image Especially for the insurance sector, where the flexibility of sales agents is top priority, we offer a mobile office – a suite of laptop, hardware reader and a printer. This hardware solution has connectivity to COREFIN. Having access to real time data, the mobile professional can scan personal documents, print policies and offer the right service to the customer anytime, anywhere

image Your sales representatives need to focus on communicating with customers and understanding their requirements and needs, and need not spend time to enter data manually, whereby many mistakes can be made

This is the reason why we offer our specialized system for automatic recognition of personal documents data

The system consists of two main components – a hardware device and a software, recording information in COREFIN

The hardware reader scans personal documents, accepted in the European Union – passports, personal IDs, driving licenses, etc. The process of reading the data lasts around 1-2 seconds

The reader is connected to a computer that has access to COREFIN. Depending on the type of the document, the specialized software extracts information such as first name, family name, date of birth, personal identification number, tax number, type of the document, document number, document validity, vehicle registration number, brand, model and owner

Customer data is visualized into the corresponding fields of COREFIN. In such a manner, time for data entry is drastically reduced and the probability for making a mistake is zero

The system can be also integrated with other types of business software