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COREFIN Service Orientated Architecture

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Service Orientated Architecture

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COREFIN SOA is a new approach to building IT systems

SOA is a new approach to building IT systems, where logic is decomposed into smaller, distinct units.

Adapt quickly with SOA

COREFIN modules and add-ons are based on Microsoft .NET–connected technologies. COREFIN uses multi-tier Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) consisting of a thin web-based client, a highly configurable business logic layer, and a back-end database. Its main goal is to provide real-time connectivity. COREFIN is available from any computer that uses Microsoft Internet Explorer. By ensuring compatibility and integration across applications, the system can reduce complexity, time, and cost for updating business systems. This highly scalable design allows COREFIN to work with businesses of any size.

You deserve the best fit

Implementations of COREFIN among various clients differ and despite the presence of standard functionalities, in most cases, customisation and adjustments are necessary. Such unique requirements are determined during the analytical stage and are realised later on. The solution enables flexible deployment, in particular effective development of new products and modification of existing ones.

Benefits of SOA

The latest architectural evolution capturing many of the best practices of previous software architectures.