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Dynamics for insurance

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for insurance

World leader in CRM as recognised by Gartner and Forrester

Here are just some of the reasons why thousands of companies worldwide are choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for insurance

  • Familiarity - integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, especially Outlook

  • Choice of deployment options - in the cloud, on-premise or partner-hosted options

  • Innovation and development - Microsoft's unparalleled commitment to R&D

  • System customisation - flexible product that can be shaped and extended

  • User-configurable charts, dashboards and reporting

  • Global partner support

  • Accessible anywhere - via Outlook, IE, or any HTML 4.0-compatible mobile device

  • Affordable – one of highest value for money according to Gartner

  • Centralised information and collaboration

  • Automated workflow and process automation

COREFIN Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Corefin Clients

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for insurance

COREFIN Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016


A platform that is highly portable and easily scalable

Social insight and collaboration in-context, not in separate apps

  • Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and the .NET Framework

  • Built-in connections to Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Azure, Skype, Yammer, and more

  • Collaborate from anywhere with a variety of mobile devices and social technologies

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in more than 41 languages


Inspire your sales team as you reduce admin tasks and optimise efficiency

Sales cycles are fundamentally changed and more power is in the hands of the customers who are now constantly connected and do a lot of research themselves

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 offers you a dynamic sales management that is quickly adapted to new sales channels and enables your people to excel in what they do

  • Creative approach to problem solving

  • Able to Identify trends in web design and development industry

  • Communicate effectively with both team members and clients

  • Passion for improving user experience by bringing new ideas to the table

  • Not to be afraid of expressing your ideas. Just be yourself

Customer service

Show you customers you develop relationships through excellent support

Provide responsive, relevant, effective service - anywhere, any time, on any device. Inspire loyalty, empower agents, and drive service resolution

  • Service management easy to track and develop

  • Empower your agents & drive consistency

  • Universal queuing and routing

  • Business process automation through workflow

  • Team collaboration


Make a difference with multichannel marketing management and analytics

  • Profile your customers and use it in a touch of a button

    Easily target and segment your customers, understand what they are interested in, and then engage them at the right time with the right message

  • A system that helps and doesn’t creates more work

    User friendly interface helps marketers concentrate on being creative while empowered by a flexible tool to manage and track tasks, budgets and responses

  • Channel management

    Engage your customers and stakeholders via a range of marketing channels. Easily track performance whether you are looking to use social media, pay per click on the web, or use email, radio, TV, or billboards

Industry Solutions

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Insurance

    With our CoreFin Dynamics for Insurance solution we offer a wide range of functionalities to manage all processes within your company, all based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Insurance

  • Microsoft dynamics CRM for Banking

    Our Corefin CRM Banking module can manage all processes around Loan Management, Leasing, Investment & Portfolio Management, Factoring, Mortgage and many more

  • Dynamics Data Center Solution

    Manage hosting, colocation, network services and much more with our secure, scalable and robust software solution for Data Center management

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