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Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to serve the needs of the banking organisation


COREFIN Banking Module

All in one

Enterprise-wide management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. COREFIN offers exceptional CRM plus off-the-shelf customisations and add-ons for banking

COREFIN Banking Module

All yours

Developed in a way so you can take maximum ownership of setting up new products, interest rates and strict procedures all in real-time and ready to sell

COREFIN Banking Module

All tracked

All processes are streamlined with automated workflows ensuring staff follows procedures strictly. All data and activity is tracked and easy to analyse in real-time

COREFIN Banking Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features


Sales automation for banking gives reps more time for new and existing customers

  • Manage territories, teams, price lists, discounts and more for cross-sell and up-sell initiatives

Single data source
  • Access and share information across departments, product lines and channels

  • Management of customer data and history of communications

  • Recording data about accounts in other banks and collateral

Sales force automation
  • User-defined sales steps, workflow and automated alerts streamline processes

  • Central repository for sales literature and product catalogues

Lead management components
  • Leads monitoring and prospecting for new customers

  • Lead qualification, scoring, routing, assignment and conversion

End-to-end management of opportunities
  • Tracking end-to-end process of customer application for a product

  • Automated flow of required documents

  • Monitor actual revenue by creating/ tracking orders and invoices

Account management
  • Management of loan contractual agreements with specific terms and conditions (interest rates, amortisation schedules, etc.) and actual cash flows -overdraft facilities, revolving loans, bank guarantee, working capital loans, credit lines, discount credits and syndicated loans

  • Amendments to contracts and history of quotes

  • Organisational structure & relationship information mapping

  • Management of deposit contracts


Organise and track marketing activities for high ROI

  • Base planning on historical and current market/data analysis

  • Instantly segment customers/ prospects into highly targeted lists

  • Quick find, ad hoc and customised reporting

Email campaigns
  • Send personalised email templates

  • Track who has opened your mails and what links were clicked in the email as part of CRM.

Management of events and responses
  • Plan, execute and review events

  • Link event attendances to new sales opportunities and demonstrate marketing ROI

Campaign Management
  • Collecting and analysing the results of campaigns (by marketing channel)

  • Campaign budget management

  • Creation of highly personalised marketing campaigns

  • Quick campaign wizard or multi-tier campaigns

Channel integration
  • Realtime visibility - offers, status, channel & responses

Loyalty management programmes
  • Motivate and satisfy customers via personalised loyalty rewards schemes

  • Programmes with vauchers, cash discounts and loyalty points cards

Internet marketing
  • Target online banking users with customised offers

  • Possible integration with company website to track email and engine search performance all within COREFIN


Increase loyalty with helpful customer care representatives and efficient call centres

Accounts management
  • Intuitive user interface

  • Improved first-call resolution with access to customer histories

  • Churn management

Product and contract management
  • Catalogue of products and services to track sales, incidents and contracts

Services & resources scheduling
  • Service Scheduling automatically considers the availability of employees to ensure better resolution of cases

  • Centralised view of service workers' calendars and resources

Case management
  • Agent scripting

  • Easy-to-use case management - case creation, editing, dispatch, tracking and resolution

  • Routing & escalation of cases and activities

  • Service Calendar – visualisation of the organisation's scheduling commitments and activities

  • Service activities are automatically tracked and assigned to appropriate users through staged workflows

Interaction & knowledge management
  • Robust email support including auto-response and auto promotion of emails to cases

  • Knowledge Base - article authoring, review and publishing

Commonly integrated components include Voice Infrastructure (ACD, CTI, IVR)


Customer centric Online Banking

Online portal functionalities
  • Customer and Business accounts

  • Perform online transactions – transfers to business or individuals

  • View current balance, history of transactions and past statements online

  • Review of direct debits and standing payments

  • Send money oversees

  • Customers can manage banking, loans and mortgages, pensions, investments and insurance all in one place

  • Integrated inbox within your personal online account help reach your customers and also answer their requests

  • Up-sell and cross-sell to current customers with personalised offers

  • Overview of online behavioural patterns and activities

  • 3 tier security log in

  • Integration with portable code generators


Loan Management

  • Track and manage loan applications

  • Record data about accounts in other banks, co-debtors and guarantors

  • Management of loan contractual agreements with specific terms and conditions and expected cash flows

  • Within syndicated loans, collaboration activities and agreements with other banks are reflected in the system

  • Segmentation and targeted marketing lists

  • Campaigns can be executed either internally or by outside vendors

  • Automatic reminders for activities, such as e-mails or phone calls

  • Matching actual cash flows with amortisation schedules (e.g. mortgages) or obligations conditioned on certain events (e.g. overdraft facilities)

  • Penalty fees for late payments are automatically accrued

  • The availability of comprehensive info about the customer (e.g. past transactions and accounts balance, history of employees' compensations and social benefits paid through the bank) helps credit officers in predicting deterioration of the firm's financial condition and taking pre-emptive actions

  • The whole process of a loan re-negotiation is tracked along with the activities and different quotes presented

  • Amendments to contracts with new pricing and scheduling are reflected instantaneously

  • In the unlikely event of foreclosure, the flow of legal actions and required documents is automated in COREFIN. Once properties are repossessed by the bank, their management (e.g. sale, letting out, etc.) is executed through the system.

  • Definition of loans, schedules, interest rates, commissions and fees. COREFIN supports both fixed and floating interest rates and switching between the two

  • Based on contractual agreements, fees, commissions, interest rates and exchange rates become effective for every customer from the moment of their update in the system

  • Definition of users in the credit department and teams of users with specific roles and access rights

  • Business rules that require immediate action are configured in the system and their violation triggers automatic response


COREFIN Banking offers a number of readily available customisations and additional back office processes

Definition of banking products
  • Definition of products, schedules, interest rates, commissions and fees

  • Creation of write-in products or combinations of products, based on the specific needs of the customer

  • Management of all required documents

  • Activity and tasks management

  • Seamless tracking of communications between Outlook and Dynamics CRM

Branch/Office structure and commissions
  • Definition, calculation and payment of commissions for different periods and schemes

  • Definition of users and teams with specific roles across the network of branches & departments

Human Resource
  • Employees administration

  • Screening and recruitment

  • Compensation and reward management

  • Training and learning management

Payments and collections management
  • Manage payments – types, due dates, receivables – all within COREFIN

  • Track outstanding payments and manage collection campaigns – reminders, charges.


Flexible business analytics in real time

Some of the readily available reports are:
  • Dashboards and reports on agent/branch productivity, new business success, customer loyalty, customer care and more

  • Statutory reports - liquidity, provisions for overdue loans and more

  • Regulatory reports

  • Ad hoc or customised analysis